Monday Must – Have

My friend and fellow blogger, Jodi, blogged about her Monday must have and it got me wondering, what is one thing I MUST have to run/workout with? Believe me, I’m the type of person that doesn’t like “winging it.” I am a planner by nature. So that means I’ve tried and tested many products in the short time I’ve been running, and I stick with what works for me. No deviation. Some say that’s a recipe for disaster because I can’t plan for every single scenario that can present itself. True, but I don’t mess with what works.

So…my one thing, tried and true, that I must have, are my Powerbeats Wireless Headphones.

These things are lightweight, but pack an amazing sound. With a 6 hour rechargeable battery, they connect wirelessly to my mobile device, as well as my Apple Sport Watch. They are also waterproof, which is awesome because I have ruined 2 sets of Apple earbuds with my sweat. Gross, I know. They’re a bit on the pricey side, but worth every penny, in my opinion. I love not worrying about a tangled cord while running. I canNOT run without these.

So tell me, what is your running must have?



2 thoughts on “Monday Must – Have

  1. Oh my, thanks for the mention!! I love knowing what other runners have tried and stick with!! I would love to go wireless, but I just haven’t made it there yet however I will keep these headphones in mind! I think I might make Monday Must Have a thing!! I’m sure it already is, but it’s new to me!!

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