Monday Must Have

Ok, girls. This one’s for you:

Do yourself a favor and invest yourself in a good sports bra. I mean, a legit good one. When I first started running I bought whatever looked good, had cute colors, or was on sale. Not a smart thing to do. 6 miles into my first half marathon, the pain in my chest was unbearable, and by zero means am I a “big” girl. 

I own a number of different kinds and styles. If I’m going to crossfit, I wear any one of them since, unless we’re being tortured by sprints, the running is minimal. But my go to sports bra for running is definitely my Nike compression sports bra. I know it sounds, constricting.  But it isn’t. You get all the support, minimal bouncing, and zero pain. I was able to find this one at Academy Sports for $25. They come in a lot of colors, different levels of support, and different styles as well. 

I highly recommend looking into one if you haven’t already. The ladies will thank you. 

**Non sponsored post. Just sharing my favorite product review from one runner to another. 



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