Monday Must – Have

My friend and fellow blogger, Jodi, blogged about her Monday must have and it got me wondering, what is one thing I MUST have to run/workout with? Believe me, I’m the type of person that doesn’t like “winging it.” I am a planner by nature. So that means I’ve tried and tested many products in the short time I’ve been running, and I stick with what works for me. No deviation. Some say that’s a recipe for disaster because I can’t plan for every single scenario that can present itself. True, but I don’t mess with what works.

So…my one thing, tried and true, that I must have, are my Powerbeats Wireless Headphones.

These things are lightweight, but pack an amazing sound. With a 6 hour rechargeable battery, they connect wirelessly to my mobile device, as well as my Apple Sport Watch. They are also waterproof, which is awesome because I have ruined 2 sets of Apple earbuds with my sweat. Gross, I know. They’re a bit on the pricey side, but worth every penny, in my opinion. I love not worrying about a tangled cord while running. I canNOT run without these.

So tell me, what is your running must have?



All Things Hydration

Lets face it: there’s more to running than, well, running. If there’s one thing I’ve learned is that you can’t just head out the door and run. You need the right kind of sneakers, clothes, sports bras, socks, fuel, sunglasses, hydration, hat/visor, and even headbands. Suddenly, running has now become rocket science; finding what works, what doesn’t, what fits, what’s necessary. Today we are going to talk about hydration.

I’ve never been a fan of sport drinks. They’re loaded in sugar and hurt my stomach. If I’m forced to have one, I have to add water or it’s a no go. Last year I began training for my first Spartan Race and a fellow racer mentioned a product called nuun; an electrolyte enhanced drink tablet which you pop into your water. It was love at first sip.

Recently I read about plus for nuun; an electrolyte carbohydrate tablet. Say what?

I already knew this would be a game changer for me because I DISLIKE fueling on a run. A lot of products that I’ve tried bother my stomach. I’ve tried jelly beans, different flavors of GU at different temperatures, gummy bears, as well as Blocks. I take them as directed, with water, but something about the texture makes me gag. I mean, there’s nothing like being 6 miles into a marathon when you begin to battle nausea. So I figured I will give the Plus for Nuun a try during today’s 10 mile run. I prepped the drink last night. It is recommended 1-2 Plus for Nuun tablets per 16 – 24 fluid ounces. It is flavorless, so I added my favorite Cherry limeade energy tablet.

I fueled like I normally do before leaving the house (Cliff Bar), and ran my 10 miles with only the water I prepared in my Camelbak.

I had no problems with nausea, zero fatigue, zero cramping, and needed zero fuel. No GU’s, no raisins, no gummy bears, no bananas, no anything today! I felt strong the entire 10 miles. Again, this is a game changer for me, personally.

Nuun can be found at most sporting good stores, and of course, online at Give it a try and let me know what you think. Have you ever tried nuun? What’s your go to fuel method?

Until next time.